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My family has been going to Hill Jiu Jitsu for close to a year now. They are great with kids, and I love that not only do they teach physical skills but also talk with the kids about bullying and good values (Respect, Integrity, Discipline, Commitment and Courage). Everyone in the studio is very welcoming and genuinely wants to learn and help teach others.

Allison O.

I have to say that when I first started I was intimidated to see everyone there with their Gi's ("karate outfit") on ready to start class. Turns out it was all for naught because everyone was very welcoming and eager to help. Joe has complete control of his class and will not let overly aggressive people participate in his studio. This helps make it a fun and safe place to learn a martial art that could end up saving you. Anybody from any walk of life is welcome at Hill Jiu Jitsu.

Mark O.

I’ve been going here for just over a year. Joe is a great instructor very knowledgeable. My first day I was hesitant to go in and sat in my car for a couple minutes before going in. Once I finally did I was so glad I did. It was awesome. You're not going to be asked to do anything that makes you uncomfortable or dangerous. The first couple days you’ll just take the class then after you have some skill set you can roll others. If your nervous I get it but give it a shot. Try a class!

William A.

Fantastic instruction and clean facility. The head instructor Joe is also phenomenal with kids.

Nate A.

A very friendly school with an amazing instructor. I felt completely welcomed and while I am new, I have learned so much. I recommend this school without hesitation.

Mike P.

My children, fiancé and I love coming to learn from Joe, Hill jiujitsu has become our second family! I think more women and children should come learn from Joe, it’s very empowering!

Tiffany L.

Love this place, Joe is the best, very technical. Fun place to train.

Mike M.

Joe and Lisa are consummate professionals. Being my first experience with Jiu Jitsu, any martial art, I was apprehensive. The culture and instruction here made me feel comfortable and has grown me in so many ways. If you are considering training in any capacity please go to Hill Jiu Jitsu, it will benefit you in so many ways.

William V.

Nothing short of an amazing academy. Joe and his wife, Lisa, are extremely knowledgeable and friendly teachers.

Nick B.

Huge shout out to Joe Hill at Hill Jiu-Jitsu Academy for opening there doors to me today!! Great group of people and I was able to get some good rounds in. Academy was very clean and everyone was super nice. If you live in Hartville or Uniontown, do yourself a favor and stop in and learn Jiu Jitsu.

Tony W.

For my first day at Hill Jiu Jitsu, I was very nervous. 10 minutes after walking in, I felt so stupid to feel nervous, as this is one of the most welcoming communities I have ever been apart of. The head instructor, Joe, paired me up with an experienced practitioner for my first lesson and they both made sure to answer any of my questions. I highly recommend this academy.

Jacob K.

If you are looking for an academy that focuses on technique, self-defense and a welcoming atmosphere; Hill Jiu Jitsu is where you belong. From the moment I walked though their door I was greeted with a “your one of us” attitude. I highly recommend giving them a try, you won’t regret it!!

Matt L.

My kids and I have been training at Hill Jiu Jitsu Academy for a couple years now, first in Hartville and now in North Canton. Though initially for demographic convenience, I quickly realized that driving distance took a back seat to receiving high level instruction. And that is what we found at HJJA.

Joe and Lisa’s instruction during both the kids and adults classes are presented in a thorough yet understandable way. Along with physical Jiu Jitsu techniques, the kids classes also focus on dealing with everyday (sometimes difficult and/or challenging) life situations in an appropriate way using Respect, Integrity, Discipline, Courage and Commitment. These are lifelong skills that can and will be used both on and off the mat.

Joe and Lisa have created something very special at their academy and I am honored and beyond grateful to be a part of it.

Jon G.

Excellent place to learn and train. Joe and Lisa are obviously very passionate, experienced, and knowledgeable. Everyone I’ve met in class is very respectful and friendly as well. Highly recommend.

Garrett M.

Tyler S.

Joe and Lisa are awesome, knowledgeable teachers and the school is a great environment to learn jiu jitsu. I was in from out of town and the entire school welcomed me to train with open arms. I highly recommend training here!

When, through a series of life events, I needed to switch academies, I was happy to have a Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Team Pedro Sauer, Jiu Jitsu academy open locally here in Hartville. Joe Hill offers extremely high level instruction in both fundamentals as well as advanced techniques. However, the real brain work is in his details and this is what will keep a student coming back for more and more Jiu Jitsu. The environment is one that is always clean (the mats are cleaned all the time and it never smells here). The individuals I have been fortunate enough to train with welcomed me on Day 1 and have been such a great group to build skills with. Just a wonderful group. There are both male and female training here so come one, come all. We would love ❤️ to have you. Additionally, I send both my children here (ages 11 & 13). I am not able to recommend any higher than 5/5 starts or I would. Can’t wait to see you on the mats!

Josh G.

Instructor Joe Hill is one of the best Instructors I've met! Anyone who has the privilege of working with him will no doubt become a great martial artist. He is highly knowledgeable and has impressive skills. I definitely recommend his academy if you are in or around Hartville!

Robby G.

I’ve known Joe Hill for a few years and I’ve always loved learning under him. Hartville is definitely lucky to have such quality instruction readily available. 
I highly recommend giving Hill JJA a try !

Kobie C.

Joe Hill is an incredible Jiu Jitsu instructor. I would recommend this place to anyone!!

Edward W.

Joe Hill is one of the most technically sound individuals I have rolled with. I have been taught by him in the past and hope to visit him in the future at Hill Jiu-Jitsu. One of the best people I have met in my life. He is a great guy. I also know Lisa. She is an amazing person as well. Anyone will learn a lot from either of them.

Kevin A.


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